The Art of Beautiful Skin  

Services for Women, Men & Teens

Specialty Anti-Aging Treatments**

Microdermabrasion & Oxygen Infusion

Single Treatment 125
Series of 3 Treatments 350
Series of 6 Treatments 600

(Includes Microdermabrasion, Extractions, Massage, Mask and Oxygen)

Microdermabrasion and LED Panel

Facial Mask
Single Treatment 130
Series of 3 Treatments 335
Series of 6 Treatments 575

(Includes Microdermabrasion, Extractions, Hand Massage and 30 minute LED Treatment)

Photo Facial*

Condensed Light and Heat Energy. The would heal effect builds collagen, leaves skin with a milky white complexion, softens wrinkles and firms skin.

Facial Mask
Single Treatment 130

Beginners 8 Visits(1or 2 times/wk) 700

Maintenance 4 Treatments 400

(*All Photo Facials are followed up with an LED Panel)

LED and Infrared Panel

Red to reduce inflammation and build collagen, Blue to kill bacterial. Infrared to promote collagen and healing. This is an excellent treatment for roseca or acne clients. Fantastic for overall cell renewal.

Facial Mask
One Visit 40
Add On 30

**Common contraditions for most specialty treatments include: ( be sure to ask Kim)

Thyroid Disorder, Epilepsy, Pregnancy, use of chemicals on skin, some medications, sun exposure, tendency towards cold sores.



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Basic Facials

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Relaxing Facial

Includes a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage. Single Treatment 50

Pore Cleansing Facial

Ideal for congested or acne prone skin on adults and teens. Single Treatment 55

High Performance Facials

Oxygen and Peptide

Very hydrating, rebuilds collagen and causes rapid cell turnover. Single Treatment 85

24 Karat Gold

Minerals work to firm the skin and leave behind a radiant glow. Single Treatment 95

Caviar and Collagen

Improves elastin and builds strength. Single Treatment 85

Milk Collagen

Ideal for inflamed or stressed skin. Single Treatment 85
All high performance facial vary seasonally. All facials are designed to treat hydration, inflammation and wrinkles. Back to Top

Customized Add Ons



Brow 16
Lip 13


Brow & Lash Tinting


Brow & Lash Tinting

Brow Tint 20
Lash Tint 20
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Collagen and Elastin Ampule Infused 16
Collagen and Elastin Eyemask 20
LED Treatment 30
Recommend Peel Glycolic or Alpha-Hydroxy acid, TCA 18
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